Even in this recession, hotel rooms in Manhattan are still pretty pricy. A Room at the Hilton runs for over $300/night and if you are driving, parking will cost an average of $40/day. Many tourists discover that hotels in the outskirts of Manhattan are almost half the price with free parking and accessible to the city via bus/ferries or subway. Edgewater, New Jersey is a city in those locations. It’s just outside the Lincoln tunnel and separated from Manhattan by the Hudson River, resulting in a beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline. 

 Three hotels along the edge of New Jersey are Comfort Inn, Homewood Suites and Sheraton. Sheraton Lincoln harbor hotel is located in Weehawken but is worth mentioning because it is along the bus lines from the former two hotels. It’s also within walking distance to the Lincoln Harbor Weehawken Ferry Station with ferries taking you directly to Midtown Manhattan. Homewood Suites provide free shuttle service to the Ferry terminal as well.

 The Fare to and from New York City ferries are around $10.25 one way.  A ten trip pack is around $97.50. Edgewater has three ferry stations. On the north, is the Edgewater Landing. This station has very limited hours so it’s not recommended. Port Imperial / Weehawken Ferry Station is in the middle with routes to Midtown Manhattan, 39th street, World Financial Center and Pier 11/Wall Street station. Finally, Lincoln Harbor station is at the south with routes to Midtown Manhattan’s 39th street.

 If you want to save a little money, New Jersey Transit’s Bus #158  runs along River Road to Manhattan’s Port Authority and the fare is only $3.50 one way. The bus driver accepts cash or prepaid tickets which can be purchased from the kiosk at Port Authority. Bus #150 travels from Port Authority to Edgewater’s River Road to Fort Lee and then back to River Road and finally Port Authority.  Last bus from Manhattan to Edgewater is at 1:30 a.m. The bus stops are all along River Road and are pretty close to the hotels.

 The third way to get to Manhattan is via Mitsuwa bus. Mitsuwa is a Japanese grocery in Edgewater on River road. The grocery has some really awesome Japanese fast food, sushi, udon and sweets. They have buses leaving the grocery for Port Authority (Gate 51) for $3.00 one way. To get back to Mitsuwa, simply go back to Gate 51 in Port Authority to catch the next bus. This bus will reach Manhattan quicker because it doesn’t have any stops.