The distance from New York to DC seems to get shorter and shorter every year. Years back there wasn’t much bus service to between New York and Washington D.C. Back then a round trip greyhound bus ticket cost over $100 between the two cities. Then China Town busses popped up and prices were slashed but it averaged around $45. You could take greyhound for $45 and Chinatown buses for $35. Greyhound buses were old and China Town buses were too cramped. Then Mega Bus and Bolt bus recently entered the stage. With Mega Bus, you can get a one way ticket from New York to Washington DC for $1 with advance purchase on their website. Their buses are double deckers with free WiFi and all the seats have a seatbelt. It’s much better than riding single story buses because you hardly feel the bumps and the road. The ride is so pleasant the commute doesn’t feel like a commute. If you don’t get the $1 seats, you’ll be able to catch $8, $9, $13 or on average $15 one way with 50 cents processing fee on their site(

Megabus Bus picture

Cool Double Deck Mega Bus and Cute Driver Icon

The bus will take you from a parking lot in Washington DC, next to Chinatown, to Penn Station in Manhattan. The closest subway stop to the parking lot in Washington D.C. is Gallery Pl/China Town.  The closest subway stop to Penn station is the blue line, 34th Street Penn Station.

Bolt Bus is another great bus company. The difference between the two is the type of bus and their destination. Buses from Washington D.C. to New York go direct with Mega Bus but Bolt Bus stops at other destinations like Baltimore and Philadelphia. Mega Bus only makes those tops coming back down from New York. Bolt Bus has cool new buses but they are not double deckers and price may be slightly higher.

Busses runs pretty frequent, you can pretty much catch a bus every hour starting 5:00 a.m.. The last bus from DC to New York is at 11:59 a.m. The Last bus from New York to Washington D.C. is at 1:00 a.m. and first bus is at 6:40 a.m and runs almost every hour.

Megabus Interior and $1 Ticket Offer

Megabus Interior Pictures and Picture of Advertised $1 ticket offer

Tickets can be purchased online or at a kiosk in New York. I wasn’t able to find a kiosk at Washington D.C., Baltimore or Philadelphia. It’s best to make advance purchase because I’ve seen people frantically trying to call and get a ticket on a midnight trip but unable to reach customer service because offices are closed. If you have a computer with you while you travel, you can use the WiFi from the bus to purchase your ticket and show the bus driver your confirmation.

Hope this was helpful and happy traveling!